Top 5 Tablets (Early 2014) Collab!

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These are the 5 best tablets you can buy right now. Collab style!

UnboxTherapy (Nexus 7):
SoldierKnowsBest (iPad Air):
TLDtoday (GPE LG G Pad 8.3):
Austin Evans (iPad Mini Retina):

Video Gear I use:

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Marques Brownlee says:

Kicking off 2014 MKBHD videos with a bang! Special thanks to +Lewis
Hilsenteger +tldtoday +Mark Watson and +Austin Evans for being a part of it!

*Top 5 Tablets (Early 2014) Collab!*

Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

Jevon Lipsey says:

What would be best for gaming such as modern combat and asphalt (android or
preferably nexus)

Abear4991 says:

“Developer Flexibility” and “Apple” do not mix

Fernando Diaz says:

The LG Pad should of had 32gb…stupid 

Ahmadovich says:

Keep it up man. You should have included Windows tablets.

The Dominion Network says:

Not even a mention of Surface?

False Cobrah says:

02:55 he hastwo imacs, of course hes gonna pick an ipad. Imacs suck anyway.
2.66ghz intel i3 is SHIT. For £2.5k. My pc has an AMD A10 Quad Core 4.4ghz
with dual AMD Radeon graphics and Windows 8.1 for £699. YOUARE BETTER OFF

TeamProSkill says:

I’m currently looking for a tablet around 200-300€, with 3G and it should
be able to run 3D mobile games (like dead trigger)
What tablet would you suggest?

The Nexus7 seems really great, but might be a little small? (I’m bad at
guessing sizes)… also I’ve heard of problems with it’s touch screen and
sim-card slot.
I’m thinking about the Acer Inconia A3-A11, but it is not very powerful and
has a shitty display…

Stuart Mackenzie says:


TupolevPilot says:

I have the galaxy tab 3 7.0, it is pretty good but i really want to get the
nexus 10 or 7

Priyanka Elffrost says:

I personally got an iPad Air, and happy with it. But been thinking of
getting someone else a tab as a gift but I can’t afford another iPad Air
now. Have been checking out the Nexus 7 (2), the price point is good too.
Do you guys have any other suggestion for me around that type of price
range? (That is also a good one). Or Nexus 7 is still a better option?

Yahya Rao says:

Is it a good idea to get a nexus 7 in 2014?

Rudresh Ryan says:


Carl Weibgen says:

It’s good to see +Marques Brownlee, one of my favourite tech
reviewers/commentators, still likes the N10.
Even with the rumours about and absence of a N10 successor, the tablet has
held up very well.
Top 5 Tablets (Early 2014) Collab!

Joe Anthony Suarez says:

Nexus or go home. Only exception being the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

King Crawford says:

those desktop wallpapers are awesome. anyone know where i can get it?

Garry singh says:

I like Marques because he don’t like apple products !!

Weed Talk says:

I’ve been considering purchasing a tablet for a few months now and I’ve
come to the conclusion that the Nexus 7 is the one for me IF I were to
purchase a tablet. However the problem I keep running into or maybe it’s
the “cheap bastard” within me that can’t justify me purchasing what amounts
to a mediating device between my laptop and phone. So if someone would be
kind enough to explain to me the benefits of owning a tablet, that would be
much appreciated.

faheemthedream2007 says:

Any ipad sux! LOL so screw the people who’s an apple fan. Ur products are

Cody says:

i ordered the 2013 nexus 7 today, can’t wait to get it :P

JustinianXLIII says:

My choice was ipad mini retina…. Love it, i use it for most of the things
i used to do on my desktop. I’m an art student by the way so…painting on
the go!! :D

alex petree says:

The ipad air is a okay tablet but it is really weak and doesnt stand up to
even a drop from about 5 feet and you can also see that from drop tests so
i will never buy a new ipad till they make the tops not hollow

Nippledozer says:

galaxy note 3 is the best tablet.

Tony Anderson says:

Dell Venue 8 Pro. Best eight inch tablet available. 

ShadowMassacr13 says:

AustinEvans has a strange speech pattern, the way he continues sentences, I
don’t think it’s just me

aman shukor says:

Nexus7 my choice… btw can anyone tell the name of that monkey game???
Kinda fun…

TehNikio says:

I have an ipad2 for 2 years now and it is still very fast and good,even tho
it doesn’t have a retina display…
This proves that an ipad air would be the best pick no matter what

hameed says:

ipad mini if you aren’t poor

Max Castro says:

I dont know if I pick the iPad mini retina display or the Google nexus 7.
My birthday isnt close yet, but I want one of those. What I should pick? 

Ɓяϵɳɲэαʊ1023 says:

lmao Soldier has about a new car’s worth of apple products in the
background of his videos at any time, I wonder what his pick is gonna be…

SamiPineapple says:

The lenovo yoga tablet also has front facing speakers.

lance domhoff says:

I just got the new Apple Mini with retina and love it. Sold my Kindle HDX
and sporting the Apple. Great screen, really snappy processor and superior
build quality. Getting used to the IOS from Android but its fun learning
something new. I would highly recommend this tablet. Really built for the

Gombos Andrei says:

My pick is iPad Air 

Kuhoin Kurenai says:

is it true that nexus 7 is easy to break?

TheKillieCrankie says:

Should I still buy a nexus 10, or wait for the next 10 inch nexus tablet?

Orlando Green says:

Hands down, no question, absolutely… NEXUS 10!!!

Jithin K Prasad says:

Nexus 7 wins!

Fly says:

That LG tablet looks nice. 

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