Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review

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Josh reviews the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. Could this be one of the best android tablets of 2014? Watch on to see what Josh thinks.

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Android Authority says:

*Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review!*

by +Joshua Vergara 

Cards Nation //TeamHC says:

4;40 what game was that?

Joshua Vergara says:

Looking for a good tablet? This might be the best one.

Carnavalité says:

I don’t understand why a table must be waterproof. What do you going to do
with the tablet? See a movie underwater?

Gabe Tinge says:

If I got a full size tablet, this would be it, mainly because of the IP

CreepGame (Steam) says:

is it Snapdragon 800 or 801?

YDBE says:

Its a good tablet but the extremely high price and battery life keep me

Humberto Hernandez says:

Way too expensive for 1080p + 6000mAh and only 16Gb internal (500$)

Maxime Tremblay says:

Dernière avant le dodo

DriveCancelled says:

6:04 never do that again please.

Amin Izadysadr says:

Is the touch sensitive enough on this review device? I got my hands on it
and the device didn’t register my touch at several occasions when the Z
ultra was greatly sensitive right next to it…. . Is there a possibly that
“Any” stylus “might” work with it in the future???

If the touch would get better with an update and there would be “some” kind
of stylus that would work with it (C-Pen doesn’t do well)… it would be my
next choice!

Irun Mon says:

Question. why this tablet doesn’t have display? all I can see is bazel. #lol

Brett Sullivan says:

Looks nice but don’t know if it’s as good as the iPad Air though. 

Nicholas Henseleit says:

Idk… iv e never like sonys design, it just feels like something an older
person would own… (I have no clue why it just does xD) 

Markus Kröger says:

Awesome work from Sony, best Android Tablet and best Android Smartphone in

Jake Lo says:

The only thing I don’t like about this tablet is that the headphones port
is at the bottom of the tablet.

damagecase13 says:

FINALLY! An android tablet that’s going to replace my iPad 2!!

DriveCancelled says:

72% from 100 after 2 episodes of Top Gear is pretty awful battery btw,
that’s only 2 hours of just watching media which is what tablets and phones
usually last longest doing.

Anime-NoireChan says:

This was like Xperia Tablet Z

lalagirl211 says:

I saw a review about sony z2 tablet vs apple air and apple air tablet look
so bad especially when he open it..theres too many apps that it almost
cover the screen of the tablet

TheWakerX says:

I like the youtube award behind you, maybe one day xD

Chris Kendall says:

Great review. Now to start saving. 

Matthew Carter says:

I’d go for this and the Z2 phone if I didn’t already have a Nexus 10 and 5.

Jeff C says:

I really like the Sony UI of Android. it really is the closest to stock
android. I went from a S3 to a Xperia Z and have been loving it ever since.
I need a Tablet for work and this is definitely something I am planing to
pick up. 

Adrian D. says:

Your reviews are always excellent and this one is not an exception!!

Anthony Aguirre says:

I really wish I had this Jesus this is a beautiful device

Dango Ruiz says:

Looks cool, but I wouldn’t trade my iPad Air for it.

ByRTD yO says:

Great review!

Sam Mikula says:


Ross Byrne says:

Great review.

Couple of things I think you missed though
1. xperia themes, giving you deeper customisation options. Which you show
in the volume section but it’s not explained.
I don’t know if other manufacturers do it too.
2. Multitasking ability through the “small apps” in the multitasking menu.
You can enable *any* widget as a floating window app from there and then
control them from the notification shade and drag them to the side of the
screen to minimise.
3. “Knock on” function.

The cameras tends to do a great job in bad light with the algorithmic mojo.
Gets me lots of cat pics. 

Sam Fouani says:

Why aren’t all manufacturers jumping on the USB 3.0 bandwagon…

Mc Fiszt says:

Watching this on my Z2 Tablet

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