Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad

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The Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest, lightest, most beautiful ten-inch Android tablet we’ve ever come across – but it’s still a 10-inch Android tablet, and thus still at a disadvantage in terms of a tablet app ecosystem.

How does Sony’s water-resistant beauty stack up against Apple’s juggernaut? Who should consider buying which one? Is there really such a thing as a too-heavy tablet in 2013? These questions and more are answered in the above video: tune in for Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad 2012.


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Keisha Kingdom Hearts says:

I have a iphone 5, and I prefer IOS over android. I might get the Sony
Xperia Z tablet over the IPAD. Most of the android tablets are junk and
cheap and dont compare to the IPAD , but I am a long time Sony fan and this
the best android tablet on the market.

Alan Jocks says:

The only reason people buy an Ipad is to show others that they can afford
an Ipad.

Rodney Coleman says:

Xperia z is way way better than the iPad. OPEN SOURCE!!!!

Cristian Papacostea says:

Today androids: 2.2-2.5 quad core cpu, 2-3 gb ram, 1080p display, 16-21 mp
camera, gpu can handle even computer games perfectly, about 600$

Today apples: 1.3-1.4 dual core cpu, 1 gb ram, 720p display, 8 mp
camera(produced by sony) gpu can’t handle all portable games, about 1000$

ThisIDIsTheLongestID says:

Android fanboys don’t even remember the awful HONEYCOMB version couple of
years ago. Android markets were full of phone apps at that time. Those apps
had to be stretched out to be used. Basically, with Android tablets, the
only things customers could properly do were watching videos and web
surfing whilst iPad users had already been using hundreds of apps. Those
Android fanboys still love them, though.

theunholysoul says:

This is amazing!!! I can now watch porn and wank in my tub!!!

Falesh Chaudhary says:

I will chose Android over iOS any time…

Clive Sinclair says:

Visa, MasterCard have recently backed HCE for NFC-based mobile payments.
And the NFC chip on Apple products is…? Apple was good two years ago –
unless they bring out at least a 5″ iPhone with NFC? Remember people saying
Blackberry could never fail?

Harjot Bawal says:

sony experia z its better and longer and plus iv got it

ShareShare says:

Android Vs iOS? Android!! iphone vs android such as s4, xperia z1, or even
nexus 5? iphone only can beat android with higher price, about the spec?
its like comparing hyundai vs lexus

Jason Thornton says:

Wow watching this is 2014 and all I can think is, I miss ios 6….

Lars Tarvisk says:

+NuEra Support there are so many tablets, how do I choose just one?

Cristian Papacostea says:

Didn’t even have to say that android is an open sistem, so you can download
apps from anywere.

李邦斯 says:

I will choose Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

Die Rabe Digitale says:

I have a laptop already, is there any reason why I should get a tablet?

dan deac says:

Sony all the way. Apple it’s good too but not like sony. 

charlatanbaby says:

i actually returned the z because it is absolutely crap if you want to use
the stylus for drawing. Ipad is much better for designers

Lain Macauley says:

Love a video where an iPad is bench pressed. 

PageArts Entertainment says:

Google / Sony wins :)

Dj Dimez G says:

Sony, 16:9, Bigger screen, Upgradable storage, NFC, Inferred for tv, Higher
camera spec, 1080p recording, supports Xvid/ DivX /MKV /WMV /MP4 , Has Java
and FM Radio – Tablet Z is better 

Ripstein says:

I feel like every point he made for the iPad just made the Sony sound
better.. The speaker might be louder but I’d still prefer a more advanced
3D sound system any day. The camera.. well, I’m not trying to be a pro with
a fuckin tablet now am I? I’ll use an actual camera if I want a good
picture. It’s also water proof and dust resistant which makes it so much
better to start off with anyway. Sittin in a hot tub with a beer and using
my tablet at the same time sounds like the shit. Especially since I can
accidently drop it in! Lets see some guy drop his $800 ipad into water..
he’d probably shoot himself.

MsTheGameQ says:

I have got iPad 3 WiFi.iPad is the best tablet in the world

李邦斯 says:

I will choose Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

rohit bhp says:


Lomax Halfpenny says:

Android all the way, IOS is just the same over and over. People are only
getting IOS because of the logo. Following Trend!

DeluxeGaming D says:

Sony is far superior in this battle.. easy choice..

DJWelltton Siqueira says:

I have Ipad 4 128GB 4G and Sony Tab Z SGP 321 4G With 64GB Card Class 10!
But I prefer Sony for ever in all things! It’s amazing… Big difference…

Dmitri Shpak says:


Steely Dan says:

xperia z good!!!

TheZuell says:

Xperia is better, it waterproof and has expandable memory..ipads don’t even
come close

1BassJohn says:

2:02… “The Tablet Z turned on its side is hilariously bad…” Any reason
why you are only showing us the back of the device there?? lol After all,
you are talking about landscape/portrait modes… hmmmm. :)

Enrico Amico says:

Jesus man… go suck a apple workers dick!

Chris Garcia says:

Android over Apple any day 

maico guardia says:

Great thank u for the info

spencer jones says:

ipad all my life :)


ipad lose too ALL ANDROID TABLET 

William Skretting says:

Sony :)

New Media says:

Lenovo Yoga is a good tablet too

Hanz Hanzhaus says:

Buy a water resistant case for ipad for 30$ and you have the same feature
as on the sony xperia Z tab…
ipad has a better display resolution (2048×1536p) and the sony Z tab
So full Apples special resolution vs only FullHD.
I prefered android before (Sam. GAL. Tab 3 7″), but now I got the iPad mini
retina with 7.9″…
It really has the best performance, just as the ipad Air (cause A7 cpu
It only has 1 gig of RAM, but it’s the best tablet performance on the
market now !

AbdelRahman Saed says:

I really have Sony Xperia tablet z.. And I wanna to say it best tablet in
the world, but if it can call! It will best 

hea4123 says:

Xperia tablet has most beautiful design than any other tablets I think

trooble maker says:

sony is the best. apple is shit

Windfarben says:

Tablet Z with 16:9? Ehm… 1920×1200 is a 16:10 (8:5) resolution…

Mojtaba Barikani says:

Does anyone knows that Xperia Z tablet would support the upcoming Android L
or not ?

Alexandru Derscariu says:


Bruno Bertucci says:

That was actually a very good comparison. I was rather hoping for some
performance comparisons though, especially for gaming.

John Smith says:

hahahahahah ask Siri what to buy , good laughs

Ekaterina Bartle says:

Xperia is the best 

Broadsword85 says:

Does this sony tablet (first for any android tablet) finally also have an
FM radio too? You guys are serious?

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