Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet Review

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A video review of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android tablet with Wi-Fi. Check out our full review at: The Galaxy Tab 10.1″ runs Tegra CPU, Android 3.1 Honeycomb, has a 3 megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Flash. This is the WiFI only version with 16GB, it also comes in 32 GB version.

Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Verizon 4G LTE:


Hadarean Florin says:

LOL Android 2.1?

Richard Bailey says:

I want one….

Bill Ligon says:

I am really upset with APPLE. I tried to download the new app for Youtube
and got the error message you need to upgrade to IOS 6. The error message
said your IPAD !st Gen is up to date. After talking with the APPLE tech I
was told my IPAD is obsolete. So they expect me to throw it away and buy a
new one. WTF! ! ! I am looking into the Android Tablets because I will not
give APPLE any more of my money, they are just too damn arrogant and cocky.
Speaking of planned obsolecense, I know all eletronics have a a shelf life
– it just really makes me angry that APPLE did this too me. I know they
have the technology to upgrade my IPAD 1st Gen. So to punish them I will
buy a Android Tablet. What do you think??

Hassan Haghayeghi says:
Ameer Alshamali says:

Good new Android tablet

Trung Thái says:

Tab 10.1 is coming soon

Mohannad Al Hamdani says:

Good new Android tablet

Akram Kazal says:


michael karlsen says:

Hos many cores does this has? And ram. I like Android couse og the emulator
platforms gba psxe n64 and so on

bruce bagley says:

samsung 10.1

Libert Badim Valdiviezo Salazar says:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet Review

Myoung Hak Kim says:


Noel Lim says:

Well I have this powerfull tablet its very fast conectivity

Jaka Setiawan says:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet Review

Kumar Anurag says:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet Review from MobileTech Review

Noel Lim says:

Well I have this powerfull tablet its very fast conectivity

deema nasrallah says:

dude shes a woman

P Lewis says:

haha try having windows market, then complain

Oğuzhan Kurtcu says:

like a vodafone smart tab 10 😀

Cobra8888Colin says:

Hey yo bitch.. I ain’t living in a country like you are … in here 200
bucks are much.

chai kwon says:


Carla Nicole says:

I have that already

tominantony says:

Need price of this 1

OperationFoxley19441 says:

I’m watching this because I DO NOT want an I-PAD!

Srm2tch says:

His balls aint dropped

Davecombine says:

Should be named Samsung Galaxy is Compared to Everything That Has To Do
With the Ipad2. -_-

LookInMyCloset says:

does it record?

oyo2394 says:

i may get this! everyone in my family has an ipad i dont want one not
because im a hater but because i dont want what tons of other people have i
get annoyed seeing them everywhere i go plus if i want to use an ipad i can
use my parents lol i like to be different from the others!!!

Michael McNamara says:

Your voice reminds me of Helen Hunt…

Maz Pir says:


smiles20023 says:

samsung galaxy note 10.1 vs samsung galaxy tab 10.1…… Which is better??

gLitCheRR44 says:

you’re joking right? im lmao right now

Aaron Bartholomew says:

I’m getting this.

MrElihernandez says:

does it have a sd card slot thanks

MissMerida says:

it’s 200 dollars?? thats a decent price for a christmas present. u should
get a job u hippie

Danilo Tanghero says:

Does it reads pdf and epub formats ?

newkid2 says:

No, i haven’t, not only i am muslim but my parent’s would never buy me
this….so thumbs down

Lim kong beng says:

Lisa using samsung

UPlayNetwork says:

i am a samsung fanboy)

mooooooooooooooodi says:

Hi I have a problem can U please tell me how to captuer a screen in one of
these. Thanks

dantaz says:

Whats the problem with hippie miss merda, you should be less stupid, makes
you look like a man not a girl

Elizabeth Masterson says:

Very confusing

Adam Bagnall says:

I was looking at getting the Samsung Galaxy 2 seven inch tablet (wi fi
only) coz it’s only $250 from my local JB Hi Fi. Would like to hear
thoughts on this tablet for uni work? Have also looked at Google Nexus bit
it’s $50 more

Rhianna Valentin says:

idk y but when s started playing the game stared laughing

DJ FuRy says:

Tab II Defo

beuty babe says:

I’m watching this on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 lol

Arwyn Jones says:

I got one of these for £90 😀

photoopd1 says:

A ? well i look and read all of these tabs but i came up on one that has pc
what is it and do i need any thing for it

Nordichabs says:

You can’t add memory? What a useless device. What’s up with all these
tablets that restrict extra memory? I can’t stand clouds. I like all my
stuff safe at home on external drives.this product is for the brainless
sheep of our society.

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