NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet & Controller Review

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Tal Shterenberg says:

Can you play the tablet with the controller if you have no WiFi?

Abbas Mo says:

I just bought a sapphire r7 265 and I have a corsair vs450 psu, the fans on
the gpu don’t spin, I made sure the 6pin is firmly connected and that the
card is firmly connected to the motherboard, can you pleas help me out?

Modo Albans says:

Moar videos of the shield tablet.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet & Controller Review: http://youtu.be/NZ8XnRE5zVk

AgentHydra says:

imo there’s no games on Android worth playing, that’s the real problem. And
game streaming requires that you be in your house, in which case I would
just play the game on my PC. So it’s not for me. But if they can make an
x86 version in a couple years, that would be interesting.

nickgrserifos says:

What’s the title of the game at 7:52 ?

IBIubbleTea says:

Hey HardwareCanucks, Could you review the AKG Q701? 

TheSerbianBadger says:

At 9:12,where did you get that pop filter 

Niqbal87 says:

How long would it last watching movies etc non gaming

Techgramnar Lopez says:

I am actually buying a portable because of the only-carry-one device factir

HardwareCanucks says:

Our SHIELD Tablet & Controller review is finally here! It’s an impressive
device that needs to see more polish for it really shine. 

Jedi Pacman says:

I love your reviews guys, they’re always in-depth and professional.

MilkBreakMinecraft says:

So the controller can also be used for regular pc gaming?

unforgettabledeath says:

At 0:43, he jizzed his pants after he realize the gift from the heavens
that Nvidia has gave him.

Mahdi Attieh says:

I’m planning to buy a tablet, for watching movies, internet, youtube and
playing emulated games.
Should I buy this ( without the controller ) for 300$ or buy a nexus 7 ? 

Eric Lin says:

Fantastic review. Probably the best review of any electronic device I’ve
ever seen.

davveist says:

Half-Life 2 on Android??

Kane Resurrected says:

I’ve never seen such a pro review, straight to the point; no nonsense talk.
Good tablet i want one, but i may hold off until the dual-core 64-bit
Denver K1 releases.

MuffinBoss says:

Are you able to play Half Life 2 without Controllers ???

R0K99 says:

Cancelled my preorder thanks to this video. I’ll be waiting for a shield
portable 2. I had a tablet and my HTC One pretty much replaced it.

Jerry Neutron says:

I bet this took forever to shoot and edit lol…great work though

Darkknightrises619 says:

Can you a review on these Peripheral or Headset if you can

Steel series Kinsu V2 mouse (maybe)

Headphone-Steel series Flux Luxury edition

Razer Lachesis Gaming mouse

Leonell G says:

Hi dmitri can you do a review on the Senheisser HD800 please? it seems to
be in a similar market as the Audeze LCD-2…great review btw! :)

Notorious544d says:

I find it ironic how the Fractal Design 3500 is sponsored despite its
underwhelming review.

Synapse Gaming says:

hahaha loved the intro :D

Andres Gallego says:

I’m getting the SHIELD portable now that is cheaper, i don’t find tablet
gameplay very intuitive or comfortable, and i already have a Nexus 7

Luke Nukes says:

Great review and video , rubbish product , just can’t see where or why
anyone would use this over other stuff like , pc , console , ipad, tablet ?

Sam Li says:

Couldn’t u make a dock on the controller to dock the tablet on the
controller so it’s easier to play anywhere

Obious Alias says:

Just get a dell venue pro 8 which is cheaper… The cpu on it is faster and
it obiously runs Windows 8.1 which is much more useful than Android.
The stylus may be better as well, I say that because I have one and it’s
not very good, but the one on the shield is capacitive so that is most
likely worse.

RumourRS says:

You have always done some of the most original and in depth reviews on
youtube! Please keep them coming my friend. Also, I really love your
home/condo. The modern look really stands out and looks amazing.

teeblack06 says:

id rather have the shield portable

TacticalWolfxQC says:

Just ordered mine :3

KingEdgeHead says:

I like the shield portable more.

TechCastUK says:

Very very good review, looks like a decent tablet, I was actually consider
just going out and purchasing one. Going to leave it for a while but one is
definitely on my list.

AlexTechFix says:

I bet in the near future there will be some case that docks the tablet in
the controller some how.

ThatYellowPokemon says:

If they were to pack a this amount of power into the portable all in 1
version, Nvidia would see 300 dollars in their pockets immediately.

wheytomuchforher says:

Thank you for doing an awesome review that actually isn’t more like a first
impressions video, and more like quality time invested using the product.
Awesome job! :D

BulletFever1 says:

0:35 your reaction made my heart warm up

DeathMonky22 says:

so the best part of the screen is when you use a different screen.

keith8880 says:

Can i get some opinions on this thing vs ps vita vs nexus 7?

alexandre travassos says:

Where can i find this box (thats contains the shield cover,controller an
the tablet)? Best buy?

CaptainMajorGeneral says:

Please do more intros that are funnyish

Freddie Saez says:

After seeing this im a bit torn now. I was preparing to buy the shield
portable since its now $200 at my local store. But is it worth getting the
portable over this? When this is only $100 more. I would love to get one of
these but I really dont know which to chose.

Pedro Peguero Jr. says:

Amazing review. If you are looking forward to buying a SHIELD Tablet from +
NVIDIA , then check this out!

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