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For the money, Nvidia’s Tegra K1-powered Shield Tablet is a great device, but despite some neat innovations, it isn’t the gaming powerhouse its maker envisaged.

Read our in-depth review:

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Arctic says:

I want this for android gaming and it’s the best tablet on the market for
it plus you can get console and PC native ports.Also, you can use onlive
and upcoming nvidia grid and PlayStation now for cloud gaming aswell as

Since I know where to find the good android games and will be playing the
console ports,emulators, cloud gaming and using it as a tablet when not
gaming the $360 will be worth it for me. Also I’ll try to learn how to draw
with it. This a tablet is BIG bang for buck for people who take advantage
of android such as myself.

It’s quite irritating to see some people only think of this as a PC
streaming tool when it’s so much more. Oh well. To each their own.

Mantenner says:

Still seems like the iPad Air is the best device for mobile gaming then, oh
well, maybe next time nvidia

The Uncanny One says:

£49 controller is bullshit.
I would pay £20 (MAYBE) for that controller, it isn’t exactly PS4

Miller710 says:

No steam integration?

vespaman101 says:

The way I see games in 10-20 years is that everyone will have a computer in
some shape or form that will use a wireless streaming service that lets
anyone on th enetwork access the computer. The computer will be able to run
multiple profiles so that you dont interfere with someone else in the home
who is using it. the processor should be powerful enough to manage 5 or 6
different users simultaneously and have enough graphical capability in 20
years to produce photo realistic graphics. The televisions or whatever
displays that we use will receive the signal and very quickly stream the
content that u can use with whatever input device you want. We won’t sit in
front of the computer anymore but rather our input and display devices. The
computer itself might be a box that is kept in a closet hooked up to the
network. This way consoles are not purchased anymore likely in 20 years and
game sjust come out for the operating system with differing levels of
requirements to play. I could imagine a box costing 2000 dollars or so but
for what that would provide would be very reasonable. A kid in one room
playing games, the father streaming tv, the mother browsing websites, and a
daughter doing a school project online. All could be done under one
computer with the streaming technology of the future and graphical
capabilities of computers. I believe this can happen in 20 years. Just
compare computers in 1994 to now. 20 years is a big difference. 


So could you carry this tablet with you anywhere where there is a wi-fi and
stream your games to the tablet? I’m not quite sure when i would use this

Akaza Uzumaki says:


The lag would be real doh.

Emre Ozdemir says:

Is there an option to use Xbox 360 controller with the Shield Tablet ?

Aberkae Godrilla says:

What about ethernet wired network connection with micro usb adapter? 

coachNewman17 says:

Definitely won’t be playing high end games on it BUT….I can see myself
play a lot of Indie titles.

monstercameron says:

I-P-S not ips and styli not styluses

jacketsj: the guy with a long name that will wipe you off the earth because I eat children says:


Terry Merrin says:


Sony God says:

Lol xbone is nothing cimpere to this one 

Jason says:

excuse me, the tech IS THERE, it’s just too expensive to put on a tablet
and charge you 3,000 dollars…

boypula says:

Can it really run the game or is it just streaming it? If not then i might
as well use my pc, streaming for me is bs run the game itself like the
razer tablet and you’ve got a winner for sure.

BoxOfMyst3riez says:

Getting one of these to replace my original iPad. yes I said original, I
still have one of those.

FrenchFriedLegion says:

Im looking into buying a portable gaming device which i Can stream pc games
from. And i look into playing Them a lot, so should i then get a Shield or
Shield tablet?

lovellofwar says:

So the future of pc gaming is tablet streaming…. WTF, this is backwards
why are they going backwards?
I can already do this with a smart phone and tv.

Erik Kappel says:

The concept to me is excellent. I feel like v2 of this is where I might get
really interested. The price is right, the controller is appealing
(although I would hope for an ergonomic redesign in the future)…

Camilo Morrice says:

My only question is where does it buy the games from. Steam, origin, or its
own thing. Anyone know?

Nothinglastsforever says:

“IP’s screen”? Haha. It’s just I-P-S.

cbdawgpound says:

looks better than xbox one.

DANonPC says:

I can see the appeal as getting this for a child or teenager. You can have
your Beast PC at home, your kid can take the shield to a friends house and
hook up to the tv, or whatever and stream from your Juggernaut PC.. That
also keeps your kids from fucking with your pc. Wonder what gpu they tested
game stream with. With my 780 im getting over 100fps in bf4 on ultra 1080p-
Imagine doing over 60fps on a tablet over wireless being streamed from your
home network!!!!!! This is MindBlowing shit guys!

Norberto Castro says:

Streaming games will kill the indurtry.. Companies just think about money
and they will ruin the videogame market.. The videogame indutry is not
linear. It complies a complex ecosystem that works really well as it is
right now. I just hope they dont do any irreparable damage to indutry, but
i think they will…

Pablo Nilo says:

I can play half life 2 on my atom tablet right now…. and it has access to
my steam library…. mind you… it can only play older games properly…..
I think the problem nvidia has right now is that it needs games to be
ported to it… in a few years intel is going to make this obsolete because
it can run steam on their tables.

Andrew Dang says:

What’s the point of game streaming from your PC? Can’t you just game on
your physical PC?

I see that it might be useful when you’re on a trip. You can leave your
desktop home and stream games off site, but how often do you get a strong,
stable WiFi connection outside home?

sebacool8 says:

This is a last gen gaming console, even my ps4 is faster than this GameCube
. Nvidishit is the new apple

Link Rose says:

It’s funny when PC fags talk shit about the xbox one and ps4 but they’ll be
willing to play on this piece of shit.

calitroit45 says:

I prefer to game on ipad 

3xomega says:

so this can play games from 25 years ago

CoolBadGuy23 says:

So say I’m not close to home and I want to play minecraft. Will I be able
to play it? Or do I have to be close to my PC. And say my laptop can’t play
minecraft smoothly will the tablet run it smoothly?

TheAssassinscreedps3 says:

Who would buy this shit when you can get a ps4 or a Xbox one for the same

HCDAnimation says:

First comment!

Zed Squid says:

The K1 can render games better than last gen consoles. Hell, its almost on
par with a PS4 already. The big difference, i will actually use my shield
tablet… Unlike the PS4 thats catching dust in my bedroom. I’ll never
understand what the fanboys see in a sony console. Ignorance is bliss.

cristi1990an says:

Which is better for streaming games? A PS4+VITA or this thing?

toolizawesome says:

Can it play Minecraft PC?

Steve Zion says:

So this device alone is like a portable PC? It plays PC games? 

Ben Lee says:

Very tempted.

Reuben Wills says:


caspian rix says:

could i use my dualshock 4 with it instead of buying nvidia controller?

Shinko666 says:

Can you use steam strimig with it :/???

lpfan595 says:

Wait so is this gaming on the tablet, streaming from the computer, or both?
if it’s both that’s actually amazing for just 500 including the controller
and stand

tottycs says:

So impressive… Playing a 10 year old game (Half Life 2)… The thickness
of it was also just terrible, at least for us that are used to the far
superior iPad Air.

camaroone123 says:

Thanks for your time.

alexandre travassos says:

The 32 gb version is already avaible? Where can i find 

SPARTANPC lugo says:

The shield tablet seems pointless since it cost $400 for the full gaming
setup. For $100 more you could build a capable gaming PC which is required
for game stream anyway which is its main appeals as there are only 4 games
I could see using this for that I couldn’t just play on my phone. If you
want to use game stream just buy the $200 portable or an application on
your phone like mainly or splash top. 

Adrian Broner says:

so this tablet has the power of a ps3, wii u, xbox 360 and plays 1080p pc

Carl Wehden says:

Not being able to run a 10 year old game Half Life 2 at 60 / 1080p is not a
great advert for the ‘power’ of this new chip.

Cray Shiznuggets says:


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