Microsoft Surface 2 vs. Asus Transformer Book T100 Windows 8 Tablet Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the Microsoft Surface 2 and the Asus Transformer Book T100 Windows 8 tablets. Check out our video review of the Microsoft Surface 2 at:
Read our Surface 2 written review here:
Watch our Asus T100 video review here:
Read our full written Asus Transformer Book T100 review here:


Stefan Holder says:

You make the best tech reviews hands down.

Steve Greedo says:

Excellent comparison. This has helped me a lot. Thumbs up.

SilentNoise103 says:

is it possible to switch windows 8.1 rt on surface 2 with regular windows

mike Coates says:

anyone who owns this tablet, having trouble with saving or converting power
point presentation to video file don’t know if its lack of power from
tablet or power point or 3rd party software but can’t get a 4 minute ppp to
save as video been 3 hours now stuck at 75% ask office live chat guy was an
idiot told me power point doesn’t support wmv asked him what it supported
told me wmv any help appreciated. 

Bizin says:

Lisa, isn’t there people who email you custom intros for ur vids? i mean,
there are lots of better intros that you can use.

Auryn Toola says:

If Microsoft would wake up and slap full Windows onto the regular Surface
versions, I would probably buy that instead of the Dell Venue line.

DigikidForever says:

I would like to point out a mistake in the review. The casing on the
Surface 2 is MAGNESIUM. NOT aluminum. 

jose Calderon says:

If you are a student, you can get the 64GB T100 for $380 shipped(last time
I checked)

Chance Leete says:

Great video! I’m an IT student and we start software on Tuesday and the
instructors were having a difficult time deciding which tablet the class
will get for the software portion of the course. It was actually a toss up
between these two tablets and they decided to go with the Asus T100 because
it has true Win 8.1. We will be getting them come Tuesday, I’m pretty
excited to play around with it.

By: Shizuko* says:

Hello my name is Belen and … well I do not know much about laptops and
would like to ask you … if I buy a laptop with touch screen, stylus pen
could add some … you think the laptop grip (so to speak) pen ???

Sorry for my English I’m Mexican Xd

Larry Oak says:

Why don’t you go compare a sandwich and a waffle and then bring them both
to me to review, you daft cunt.

MobileTechReview says:
Abena20 says:

I thought the RT was overpriced before, but considering that it’s a
glorified web browser, I definitely think it’s overpriced now. I can do
most of that on my phone, thank.

jintek7 says:

Will you do more Asus T100 comparisons. Possible to closer price range
tablets, like the Dell Venue 8 and the Venue 10.

Stephen McAllister says:

Great review!! Cleared alot up for me when choosing a windows tablet. No RT
for me. I need full windows 

David A says:

Hi, I have the Asus T100 with 32GB – To how much can i expend it with a
MicroSD 32/64 or even 128? Thank you!

Timo Kuerten says:

Loving how Skyrim was part of the list of legacy apps :D

jose Calderon says:

I forgot to say that the deal I mentioned is on the student web store.

Abena20 says:

You should just call this video, why you shouldn’t buy an Windows Surface.
I was thinking of buying, but now I’m not interested.

Sigvulcanas says:

It’s hard to decide I love the surface design but I don’t like it’s locked
down and doesn’t have a keyboard included. The T100 has what I want but
quality seems to be an issue and the display doesn’t seem so great.

Cladio Juliano says:

Hey Lisa, got one more question for you. If you had to choose between the
type cover or touch cover what would you go with? I’m having a hard time
deciding which to go with. I’ll be using the device more for art than
anything else, but i could see myself doing a lot of emailing and invoicing
on it as well. What do you think?

Göran Heintz says:

Does the keyboard work while not connected? Think about using the asus
sometimes connected to a monitor so wonder if I need to get a second
wireless keyboard or if i can use it?

Andrea Saccomanno says:

But how much is the Asus t100? 

Chandamae Rondina says:

I trade the markets for a living and this week I have been running and testing my trading software (both Think or Swim and Interactive Brokers TWS), and streaming that data on 39″ HDTV connected to the T100. It works great!

thesonicecho says:

its not that google hasnt made a browser for the surface but microsoft
banned them bnecause they wanted to show how much theyve improved explorer

einjely says:

Is the Adaptive Brightness turned OFF on the Asus during this comparison? I
asked because out of the box, the Asus is pretty dimmed even if it’s at
100% brightness but I just discovered that turning off the Adaptive
Brightness boosted the screen’s brightness significantly. And I mean,

BananaGaming says:

On the Asus can you play regular minecraft not the tablet edition?

Kyle Gallamore says:

Awesome review. I’m still at a toss up whether to return my t100 for an rt.
thank you for bringing out good points!

Fabio Cipolla says:

I’d loved Surface 2, but its could replace my notebook? Is it possible sync
Dropbox files and run Chrome? Thats my main concern.

Dan Brown says:

By 6:00 she started talking really bios about the Asus but I have it and
it’s actually better in my opinion

David Payne says:

She speaks far too quickly, almost need a transcript for this video….

Prabhat Khanal says:

Lisa could you do review of Dell Venue Pro 8 and compare it with acer
iconia w3, lenevo Miix 2 and other ios and android 7 to 8 inches tablets
in market?

Sanni Mohammed-Haruna says:

do any of you guys know if itunes can be installed on the surface 2 or the
asus t100? Or if one can access their library via an external hard drive? 

Vitek Zeman says:

Guys please what is better for gaming? 🙂 Thank you :)

Chuk Johns says:

You have compared it to an android tablet which is not true as android has
lots more built in like GPS and is typically half the price..u would be
absolutely mad to buy an rt product.mad

DAVID Y says:

Great review as always. Microsoft better put the full Windows version in
their tablets or else they’ll get behind the competition.

Ka Zak says:

Thanks for Posting a very detailed review ,, just wish you would talk a
little slower ,,, other than that it’s A+ review .

Bo Vorachack says:

Surface 2 is the most premium tablet out there.

Anthony Lau says:

Went in store and played with the T100 but bought the Surface 2 for a
number of reasons:

1. Kickstand, its the best thing ever. Makes the tablet a whole lot easier
to use without needing a case.

2. Screen, The Surface has a slightly bigger screen and for a tablet I
think anything below 200ppi is kind of bad.

3. RT, I actually don’t mind running RT because x86 applications on a 10″
bay trail device doesn’t interest me. Screen is too small and its too slow.
I have an Acer S3 for full applications. Also full Windows requires more
effort to manage compared to RT. IE11 is pretty good in my opinion.

4. Quality, the plastic construction of the T100 is vastly inferior. Can’t
be compared to the Surface. Also I don’t like the Windows button being on
the side for the T100.

There were also issues surrounding the T100’s charging times being over 6-8
hours. But nevertheless, I still think the T100 is a great convertible
tablet for those who want to run x86 applications.

Jill Allbriet says:

great share

Jess McLeod says:

does asus have microsoft word?

thesonicecho says:


Chad Johnson says:

So the asus transformer t100 can get viruses 

skylord48 says:

This helped gota giv it 2 the asus do

mason DeVoe says:

Ok I was looking around and found somewhere that you can use iTunes on some
tablets like a PC tho would one have the ability to use it like a PC and
hook up to your iPod or phone just wondering 

Jure Urbanc says:

yes im getting the ASUS for my mom. Windows RT just isn’t just there with
the apps.

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