Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Tablet Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet. This is a 1.3 lb., 10.1″ Windows 8.1 tablet with a 1920 x 1200 IPS display and the Intel Atom Z3795 1.6GHz Bay Trail quad core CPU. The tablet runs full Windows and it has 2 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of eMMC flash storage plus a microSD card slot. The display supports both multi-touch and the included Wacom digital pen, making it a good pick for note takers and artists. The tablet has a full size USB 2.0 port, micro HDMI, 3.5mm audio, a docking connector, 2MP front camera and rear 8MP camera. It has dual band Broadcom WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional 3G/4G LTE with a micro SIM card slot. Lenovo offers a variety of accessories for the ThinkPad 10 including the Ultrabook Keyboard and Touch Cover keyboard cover (each $119), $129 a docking station, 45$ Quickshot cover and a rugged bumper case. The tablet lists for $599.
*Read our full written review here: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/Lenovo-ThinkPad-10.htm


Christopher Hind says:

Is your camera interlaced? I’m getting some really weird video artifacts
30px high bands of video that seem to be out of sync.

Damir Franc says:

Please get rid of the background hiss, it’s slowly starting to get

Mhaster i says:

no good affordable w8 tablet yet _ 

Seeking The Truth says:

+MobileTechReview hi Lisa I want an honest opinion on if you think the
Lenovo think pad pro is a good buy compared to the Microsoft surface pros
older and the new one or is there a newer model of the Lenovo coming out

Gabriel Moura says:

599 is kind expensive, considering the surface pro 1 128gb is selling for
607 dolars on amazon

1650million says:

Unable to power a HD via USB = time to look elsewhere.

WikiPro21 says:

Play Battlefield 3, or a game console to see how it moves!

Venus Ferguson says:

Sooooo is this like a laptop

YourName says:

Wow, $599 is expensive, once you add a keyboard and a dock I would begin to
question the Atom chip as compared to an SP3.
Still, once you look at the Air’s $499 price point and I begin to say that
this ThinkPad is pretty impressive.

Soccercrazyigboman says:

When can we get the Surface Pro 3 vs Thinkpad Yoga review? Btw I love you
and your amazing work for the mobile community. Eagerly awaiting reviews to
make my decision

Xypleth I says:

No USB 3.0 with the device or keyboard dock is a deal breaker to me. I
needed for it to be able to power external HDD. And for god sakes I don’t
want to bring a big dock with me.

I really hoped that I finally found a tablet-PC that has everything I need,
and isn’t too slow, fat and ugly. But no, it just couldn’t be that way…

superfatchao14 says:

Omg! Somebody finally reviews it! Thanks Lisa!

Ahmad Masyhur Jahaya says:

Loved it, pre surface pro 3 time.. Excellent review as always.. 

Jerry Fahrni says:
Alex Seicean says:

Please review the Asus Vivotab note 8. I can’t wait what to see what you
think about it.

Athrazhur Tieltzu says:

Thanks for reviewing this device. I’m still getting by with the original
android thinkpad tablet, but this has my attention. I’m surprised that more
technology media outlets aren’t singing the praises of this model, this is
the first independent video I’ve seen on YouTube since the model was
introduced a month ago.

BlueFire PSN says:

Hi Lisa nice review! What is the name of this game with these civilizations
you mentioned? I can’t figure it out. And is it available for iOS?

MrMain65 says:

Why do these people keep bring out new tablet, and never update the old
ones. I will never buy from them. No updates

TacticalCloseUp says:

Man, list price at lenovo is $729. On amazon for $650ish. Was really hoping
for a 599 msrp! Hopefully it comes down ahead of holiday season. Thanks for
the review!

massari4u says:

This is a great review as as usual with your reviews :). would you say this
is a laptop replacement? I have a Thinkpad X61 running windows 7 64 bit 4GB
ram and 150 GB hard drive. I am thinking of selling it and get this . Would
you recommend this thinkpad over the mighty x61. I know x61 is old but it
does things so well. Please let me now what you think.. Also this is not
gonna be my only laptop, This will be used only for school and writing
papers and printing and research. I do have another laptop that I use for
Dj ing . Asus R500 A i7 processor 8 GB ram and 750 GB Hard drive . 

TheMrScribbler says:

cool.. you’re left handed

Matej Lovrić says:

Why would they include a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit capable device. I guess even
Lenovo now sticks to planned obsolesce.

Corrosive says:

Wonder how this stacks against the miix 10? 

Akif Akyel says:

It’s actually the perfect tablet for university and for my needs. The price
is however too high. So i think i get Note 10.1.

Jim Herdt II says:

Shootout with the Venue 11 pro might be a nice idea. They appear almost
identical in specs. It looks like the keyboard on the Lenovo is better,
but missing the integrated battery. I was very hesitant to pick one of
these up, but for on the go tasks I have been pleasantly surprised at how
well the Venue 11 performs. Streaming multimedia performance and battery
life have been stellar. 4GB RAM on the Atom version would make it just
about perfect. Thanks for the great reviews.

zhiqiu li says:

Thanks for the review, but I’d like to know more about the rear camera.
Does the camera auto-focus or not?

I asked because the stupid Surface engineer team always use a lens that
cannot focus, on Surface Pro 1, 2 and 3! I was disappointed 3 times by them
now. I don’t need it to be very good, but at least when I took a photo of a
document, I was hoping the words on the paper were readable. But Surface
couldn’t! Mobile note-taking doesn’t mean only writing, it is much better
with pictures and words together, in my opinion. Also when you don’t have
time to write down everything, a picture is extremely helpful.

So back to this thinkpad tablet 10, does the rear camera auto-focus? 

Betta says:

for some reason..I think windows 8 and mobile windows tablet are just very
weird to use. start menu in particular

Monte Olsen says:

Thanks for a great review.

billy fuller says:

Great video review!

I was wondering Can it handle video editing to make my Youtube videos just
like my Acer Iconia W700(I5 Core) despite having a Intel Atom CPU and only
have 2GB of RAM? Lisa

No1HillBilly says:

Lisa, I would watch your reviews just to hear you talk, even without all
the great, unbiased info you pass along. Wish we could find someone like
you to report the news in the same unbiased manner.

Deo Heerai says:

Ugly underspeced and OVERpriced..

Randall Collins says:

Hi Lisa – great video as always. I’m curious about the dimensions of this
tab. Seems that all of Lenovo’s 10″ tabs are physically optimized for use
in landscape mode since using them in portrait mode gives you a tall and
narrow area to work with. I like using tabs in portrait mode most of the
time and it appears that this new Lenovo tab is less narrow than their
other offerings. Do you find this new tab to be a little more
portrait-friendly to use? Thanks.

joembush says:

I haven’t verified this, but I came across some information about these
tablets hinting about issues running 64-bit OS’s. The UEFI being 32-bit was
mentioned, assuming it’s true that UEFI has a defined architecture that
affects the system. If that’s the case, that could explain why these Atom
based tablets all seem to be running 32-bit Win8.

If you happen to verify, or hopefully disprove this claim, please let us

Mike Jose says:

I still like the Acer Aspire Switch 10 better because it has a larger
trackpad, not robust-looking, doesn’t show fingerprints, and more

Joe Gordon says:

Thanks for this review.
Could you precise the charging time?both with the lenovo dock and with the
proprietary charger….(on the thinkpad 8 it was 4 hours for 6 hours
battery life).
Good thing you mention this usb 2.0 port cannot charge some external 2.5
drive which could be a real bummer for some.
Finally the ports cover seem fragile..

They are now announcing LTE 128GB 4GB with 8.1 Pro 64 bits in France.
I do not know if the LTE version has GPS too.
It has an intel HD 4600 GPU but the price of accessories (dock is a little
Still hesitate between this and Surface 3 pro=> Going to see your other
review now

Bill Reinehr says:

Found the comparison with Acer Switch 10 to be both unique and fascinating.
Thank you!

Ahmed Alaaeldin says:

You have really answered all my questions and concerns!! Thank you very

King Bersalona says:

why… why .. why… is it on atom?! i’ll wait for a core i5 version of

noobwow2009 says:

2GB Ram is a joke. Intel suck. Microsoft suck. Fuking increase to 8GB ram
or windows tablet is garbage. 

Wdrone32 says:

Please review the Amazon Fire Smartphone as soon as it’s available!

Voctorus says:

Please review the Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop:)

Juan Ochoa says:

+MobileTechReview i wonder if this is just a full COPY from other divice
like was the DELL Latitud 10 , i own a Latitud 10 and it had all of the
features you describe on thin device, It feel like Lenovo just simply copy
all of the features of the Latitud 10 and put them in a device that
actually LOOKS like the Latitud 10… Could you please make a video
comparison between these couple of diveces???… i mean Dell Latitud 10 VS
Lenovo 10… you are going to be surprised about the feature took from the
latitud and set on this device XD

Tony Phoon says:

Oh my, the usb charging port and silo for stylus are gone?

Looks like i’ll be sticking with my hardy tablet 2.

Chor Kiong Tan says:

are you going to review Lenovo Y50?

spine doc says:

Hi Lisa, awesome review as always! Can you tell me how the quickshot cover
is held in place when it’s folded back as a stand? It looks like there is
a rubberized strip where the folded back part meets the back of the tablet,
is it only held by friction? If so how sturdy is this friction connection?
Will it work on a lap or in bed, or does it collapse if the wind blows on
it? Thanks much, I was hoping against hope that it magnetically connected.

Marco Nowak says:

“We`re gonna look at it, now” – I love it! Best video reviews in the www!
Great job by Lisa as usual.

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