How To Upload Review Videos To Amazon

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Did you know that you can upload your own Amazon review videos to the website? When you write a review on an Amazon product, you also have an option to upload a video review.

In this video, I will show you how to upload these type videos to Amazon. Amazon review videos are very helpful to those people who are considering buying the product.


ashlynne kittler says:

Thank you for your response and help! So you also had to convert your

ashlynne kittler says:

Thank you for the making this video.but for some reason I still can’t using a avi file 23.6MB and 2 mind still keeps telling me
invalid file.what did you use to record your video and how did you convert
or compress the file.i contacted amazon and they response like they don’t
know what uploading a video review is.can u help?

ashlynne kittler says:

Well come to find out my version of Internet Explorer couldn’t do it.i just
got a new windows 8 laptop 2 weeks I had to use Google
Chrome browser.but it works now.thank you so much for helping.

PinkOld says:

I already knew how to do this, but I haven’t been able to upload my MP4
video file for over a week.
The file itself is 62MB in size and just over 8 minutes in length, so it
fits the format, size, and length limitations Amazon has, yet it stalls at
around the 5MB point repeatedly.
This happens on different computers, even different operating systems, and
different browsers.
This is very frustrating.

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