How to make Tech Review Videos

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I’m back to tackle one of the questions that I am most frequently asked “How do I start making Technology Reviews?”. In this video I go over how I started to get into making Tech videos, as well as advice on how you can get started. Taking a look at the equipment you need, how to be more confident on camera and most importantly, how to find your style.




iDeviceNewz says:

Nice video. I also started making an iPod touch first generation review.
Never thought I’d be where I am right now. :)

The Gaming Ninja says:

just pointing it out, i had to put my speakers all the way up just to hear
you, you sounded like you were far away from the mic

James Delong says:

Nicely done! I’m not in the tech review realm but these tips help. Thank

Sweval Apple says:
Красимир Кривчев says:

Exelent video bro, thanks

SuperTechWeeklyHD says:

thanks man i can really learn something of you, i am stil thinking about my
style and i just need to stop saying um in my vids! so thanks man it really
means a lot!

ZAgamersPRO says:

Thx for the big help :D

Alex Ander says:

Nice vid, I will start a reviewing channel just because of this vid
Good job

Glenn the Great says:

this was very helpful. thanks!

Saheb Chakraborty says:

hey,ur video helped a lot! but I have a question, where should I make
review videos??what type of background should I use??

DixitalAnarchy says:

Man…Apple used to have black boxes. So much has changed.

Matt C says:

Kevin Hart’s definition of a mitch…

Bob Riopel says:

Are you gay?

Sean Macdonald says:

It’s a sad day when you have to explain that trolls will more than likely
leave abuse on a video. Nice informative video buddy. Good stuff

Manny Roman says:

Great video and good tips thank you. 

Brian Godwin says:

Is there any way to not talk slow but talk better and not stutter and be
shy and mumble? But just talk better for your videos

QArea Inc. - Software Outsourcing Company says:

How to make #TechReview #Videos

neeha happy says:

Thats a Really Good one! Thanks for sharing such a useful video! :-)

Lets Do Something says:

Thanks i do tech videos please subscribe me!!!

Subscribe me I will subscribe back

mitch625 says:

That was a really nice comment to read. Thank you 🙂

Anton Markov says:

Nice advice,bro.

KZYT says:

Amazing explaination! Will be looking for microphones.


thanx for the advice..i may even actually do a vid with me in it for more
than 5 seconds(very shy)…sober lol

Andrew Paulson says:

For one who wants to get in to recording, this was really helpful. Thank

Vishram Chitnis says:

thnx for ur video… it is helpful. One more thing that I need to know is,
how u get the gadgets to review them? I’m sure u r not buying them, then

stew says:

Great man

longlivingdude says:

Yeah, fuck the haters.

777DilZ says:

Amazing!!! good job!!!

Ivan Rosetski says:

Hey! I’m James.I did -25 lbs in 1 week.Visit

GadgetsBoy says:

Thank you for this video. Good down to earth video, I can relate

Jane Jones says:

Great video! I’m just slowly getting used to people pressing the dislike


Great video good advice my friend

Michael Tanri says:

Awesome vids Mitch!!

salooo7e says:

Thanks for these tips

makbar59 says:

These tips were super helpful.. Gonna try it out soon. Thanks 😀

Leo Solor Behe says:

Cool video , good advices

Even Ødegård says:

Great advice. Just wondring, what do you do for a living?

hussain salman says:

This video is very helpful , I’m planning to start my o3n youtube channel ,
games reviews and unboxing so thank you , i went to your website to check
the microphone you talked about and sadly i didn’t get to what i was
looking for .

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