How To Make Professional Unboxing & Review Videos

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This guide is to help  you to make the most “professorial-like” Review and un-boxing videos of products. And No, have not perfected all these tips either! I still have stuff in the Background, my camera is not a top quality, Glares from my table cover, etc…. But the more of these tips you can follow the better.




The Gaming Ninja says:

this was actually helpful, thanx youtubemedia

BossGamerKnowsBest says:

Lighting is a huge problem for me and I can’t buy the professional lights 

Home Defense Weapons says:

Excellent tips, Just what I was looking for, Thanks, and I subed

TechHD says:

just because the camera is more expensive doesn’t mean its better? would
rather have a cheap dslr with an expensive lens than a expensive camera
with a cheap lens?

Rahman Permana says:

what editor do you use?

Bulaland says:

Good job. Wondering where you position your tripod so you don t hit it
everytime you are close to the table.

jamal zak says:

It was really helpful u r awesome dude. Would also advise me where to place
a camera during Unboxing 

asdfl278 says:

The 4 coins at the corners of the view is money! This was worth watching
for that one tip alone. The rest is just gravy. Thanks for the great tips!

Mrdiamondsheep says:

ware do you sit when you unbox or do you not sit at all 

dedalusdesmo says:

thank you.

Savvy Sleuth says:

Very helpful video! Thanks for posting it. The tip about marking the
perimeter of your camera’s view was great.

Killer recon says:

great tips i have all ready have the tri pod now i need the camera and the
lighting and the audio recorder thx i subed

Micah Edmond says:

do you ever sit on the product before making the video to warm it up?

Nick Vert says:

Thanks Yutubemedia , really a great video for helping out newbie like me .
i have brought the tripod stand and my camera is 720P as well . i really
liked the idea of marking the corners by coins great work.
i am unable to edit the videos professionally can you reccommend which
video editing software you are using ? it will be of great help .

Anton Huo says:

@techHD, I don’t think the lens price matter for open box video reviews. A
cheap 18-55mm kit lens will just fine because most of the review is shot in
wide angle. So focusing speed, depth of field, and bokeh quality are not
the problem here. You are right about the camera. A camera with larger
sensor produce better high iso video. So the answer is a cheap dslr or
mirrorless with a cheap lens will do the job.

jfontecha says:

topnotch advice!

Jonathan Koby says:

u hav 2 b more retarded than me to find this video useful. ok.

TheMegaLaneek says:

What editing software were you using?

AXPRTRX22134 says:

i am doing one of tropical freeze. is really hard to do but my review is
gonna be awesome. 

The Gull says:

Good video, but what kind of camera did you use to shoot this video? Also
where do you position it during a review?

yutubemedia says:

@Luiey It said it in the video, but its BLUE Snow Flake, price, not sure,
check amazon, like $30?

Jerry Galindo says:

What editing software do you use ?

KILLSWITCH220099 says:

spiderco manix knife? lol

VictorPlaysCOD says:

where do you put your tripod?

ReefTV says:

Great video, might be useful in the near future!

ipodtouch2gbob says:

Great video man!

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