Gibson Les Paul Special – Guitar Review – Marty Schwartz

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Rajay Khan says:

This guy could’ve sat there for days playing.

HollowLines says:

Just got one of these exact models today. SUCH an amazing instrument. I’ve
been a die-hard Fender guy until today. This is such a versatile guitar
with so much ability to play almost any style flawlessly! Love this guitar!

Lee Hutchings says:

I bought myself a 2002 cherry red Les Paul Special today and she looks
great :)

skinnynick3388 says:

+martyzsongs I’m writing all the way from Melbourne, Australia. I own this
very same model guitar. I got it a good 10 years ago. I’m finding it hard
to find them anywhere on line. Do you remember how much this one sold for?
I’m just curious as to how much mine might be worth. Cheers.

david lozoy says:

Hey Marty what kind of distortion do you use?

aero417 says:

@sinfuldavy0 its a fender mustang

Stephen Delafosse says:

true but a les paul is still a les paul no other guitar can get that sound
like a les paul can

reileyb says:

Not only does marty get to jam on all these guitars all he wants, I bet if
he were to purchase a guitar there he would get a nice discount for
promoting this shop often on his videos, lucky :P.

WiseWolf12 says:

my fav guitar is fender

Sebastian Walach says:

That guitar should be now more expensive as Marty was playing it!

samwray929 says:

@theguitarchef1 whats your budget?

Superreverbb B says:

You rip brotha! Great playin!

loopie007 says:

@chinacat63 Dude, that’s a B-Bender. One of the most fun toys ever made. It
would be awesome Marty played with it..

Nikolay Knchev says:

what’s the vox amp ?

Ralph Algiere says:

beautiful flame but the neck broke the deal for me… i want trap markers
not the dots… just me though

aero417 says:

@kikachaaa fender mustang

Jst0911 says:

You can get paid by youtube for the amount of views. I know that douchebag
“blogger” ray william johnson who talks about nothing important makes over
1 million a year

SonnyOrion says:

looks fucking beautiful

martyzsongs says:

@bluesBro18 that’s tough because different guitars call for different
moods. my heritage plays the best out of my lot but I wouldn’t say it’s my
favorite. been using my fenders a lot lately but that’s the fun of it!!!

kassemir says:

It’s a very nice guitar. Not a big fan of the dot inlays instead of the
square ones you usually see on a Les Paul, but guess it was to keep down
production costs on the guitar. Still would have been aestheticly perfect
had it had those square inlays, but very cool guitar none the less. Just a
little nit picky detail, but still.

bbatta22 says:

you spelled Chrome wrong..bro!! WHat up wit dat…hahha

Michael M says:

How come they don’t believe in painting the walls?

chilibro says:

Can you talk about some different amps

Rob G says:

all les pauls have 22 frets knuckle heads only pauls that come with 24
frets are the es models

bluesBro18 says:

hey marty, whats your favorite kind of guitar? thumbs up so marty will

c filan says:

@MrFo3hawk …are you still using stock pups? Maybe time for an
upgrade…I’ve owned my epi lp standard for over 20 years, and has always
been and will always be my number 1… i changed the pots and installed
duncan pups and i would not trade this guitar for anything…

ctsino95 says:

Jonas Brothers tag?

Trevor Stanley says:

@TLoCSoma your cool

bluesBro18 says:

@martyzsongs awesome!

deapwavelio says:

@deapwavelio Hi, buffalo already answer, they told me its an original and
it has the serial number on the headstock, cool guitar.

skeletons19 says:


Rick S says:

@kassemir i totally agree, but its not a nit picky detail it would be a
deal breaker for me. If im buying a les paul i need those inlays!

Luc Parkinson says:

hi marty for Xmas i want to ask for an epiphone but i don’t know wich to
ask for.. Any sugestions?

Daavoid says:

It looks naked with no binding

Igierr says:

@ Marty and others -> what do you think about vintage v100 guitar? I’m
going to buy this guitar, but i need your opinion. it is good as for les

DarkHorizonEOS says:

Back at you, a Les Paul Special doesn’t look right with trapezoid inlays,

james hawkins says:

Hey I gots me one of these

Ari Danielsen says:

neat! 😀


@Igierr Vintage make very solid copies. if you can’t afford a Gibson then
it’s a decent copy that can be made better with a pickup upgrade. they use
wilkinson hardware, which is quality stuff.

Jack Kerouac says:

Sounds so great, like clapton in the cream days

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