Dubspot Music Foundations Course Preview & Students Reviews

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More info: http://www.dubspot.com/music-foundations/

In this video, Dubspot instructor and course designer Martín Perna is joined by Max Wild and Iris Salis to discuss our three level Music Foundations program which is currently available in our school in New York City and Dubspot Online. This program provides the best possible start to the newcomer in electronic music and provides a foundation for understanding music that can be applied to all aspects of music creation.




coreyu98 says:

I’d love to do this but I’m only 16 in Australia >.<

flyflyflyify says:

I cant the Song at 0:07 Nowhere on Youtube!

Merits says:

YOOOL Errbody in the video is using the same keyboard i got (axiom 25)

oscar urbina says:

Una escuela en español…. please

misledyouth91 says:

student loans

andreasplusg says:

Me too bro :-/

Joakim rivest-girard says:

Please can someone tell me the name of the song at the end , is it
unreleased or i can get ?

Craig Sordyl says:

“Uplift Upside” by Girls Like Bass; currently unreleased but watch for it

Saoirse Frawley says:

Drummer’s a beour.

AstroSteveMusic says:

Correct, a C and a G.

Craig Sordyl says:

group jam session

JZN says:

Yo deberia aprender ingles para ir a esa escuela, luego poner una escuela y
enseñar todo pero en español!! 😀 Me haria millonario…

ezt123dp says:

3:42 I believe that’s a perfect 5th..

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