Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ model. The HDX has a 7″, 1920 x 1200 IPS display that’s super sharp and has lovely colors. It runs on the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU with Adreno 330 graphics, making it one of the fastest tablets currently on the market. The Fire HDX models are available as WiFi only or WiFi plus 4G LTE (Verizon and AT&T are available) tablets and you can get it with 16, 32 or 64 gigs of internal storage. The price starts at $229 for the 16 gig WiFi model. The Fire HDX has a front 720p camera for video chat, access to Amazon’s cloud and storefront including Prime Instant Video, books, magazines and the Amazon app store. It has stereo speakers with Dolby Plus audio, 2 gigs of RAM, dual band WiFi 802.11b/g/n with MIMO and Bluetooth. The 8.9″ has the same basic specs with a larger, higher resolution display and a back camera as the significant differences. Read our full written review here:


Taylor Pelling says:

Can I just commend you for holding my attention for the video duration and
also for the fact this these sort of videos are all guys, you’re doing a
great job +2 for you! :)

Christopher Brown says:

YouTube has to be side-loaded? That’s so stupid it doesn’t come

sandypet1995 says:

So you cant read greek books?

mdeschain says:

A lot of reading? On a backlit tablet, I can’t think of anything worse!

That’s what e-ink tablets are for.


I love your reviews…I find them to be thorough and you answer every
single question I have. It is eery becuase I think to myself “Hmm, I
wonder what she thinks of Silk?” and then BOOM, you answer it haha. You
are much much better to watch then the guys…they are way too hyper when
they do reviews! Excellent review!!

Freeatlast28 says:

U sound like Cher 

Garak says:

…dammit I bought this for my parents, but now i want it

Gino Guillermo says:

May I ask how or whereabouts from did you sideload Google apps such as
Gmail, Chrome and Youtube? And can you sign-in to them services? Pls
advice. Thanks.

Washington says:

Don’t like it , too many pixels. 720p videos will look bad.

Saint P says:

looks cheap though

Adrian Purdy says:

I went from this to the iPad mini 2, mainly because of the screen flicker,
did u notice the screen flicker on the hdx 

iHateMyHubby says:

does it have a mic and a camera?

ashtridmelo says:

Just got my Kindle Fire HDX 7 from Amazon good thing they got special offer
now – **

Andrea Morgan says:

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB | Best Offer Kindle Fire HD

Mohammed El-Berbawy says:

does it over-heat ? and if you have to choose between it and google nexus 7
2nd gen. which one would you choose ? is the processor difference really
worth giving up the rear 5mp cam. and the nfc ? 

Lorenzo D says:

Very good review, most informative. However I did notice the dreaded blue
haze around the perimeter when viewing white pages. Is this a distraction
or can you live with it?

Antonio Jovanoski says:

mine arrives next mounth .. tell me does this tablet’s OS have a lot great
free apps ?

cutepuppy ella says:

can u do a nexus 7 2013 vs kindle fire hdx review

Marshall Mayes says:

does it have gps like a android tablet?

James Walker says:

I got this for my Wife for Christmas, I hope she likes it..

calniper says:

Great work! very helpful review.

J McCracken says:

I am probably going to be purchasing one of these this month or Mar 2014.
So I have some questions. How do you side load items. I use Gmail as my
Priority mail and I will be wanting that. You held my attention very well
also. So I will give ya **** s. Thanks for interesting facts and figures.

Marco A. Sanchez Jr. says:

Wow I just watched this I haven’t updated my technology ever since I got my
iPod video OMG I’m so excited I’m getting mine for Christmas I cant wait.

Lupe Saltos says:

Good tech lady

Adam Cousins says:

Theres one thing I don’t fully get with the kindle range, other than
‘easily accessing’ amazon services… what does it offer over any other
Android tablet? Any exclusive apps…. nope. They need to improve quite a
few things otherwise why not buy a nexus or other tab and load the amazon

tony parron says:

Good job Lisa love you

7117Rocker says:

is this worth the upgrade from the hd one?

Steven Brooks says:

one mobile market with file manager is close to google play. do not root

koolfoolable says:

I guess that’s how they make money though.

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